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AaNeelCare® is an all in one healthcare delivery platform that has modules designed to facilitate Providers, ACOs, IPAs, MSOs and Physicians Group practices. Our product is highly differentiated, easy-to-use and is customizable to fit any practice. IPAs and MSOs play a major role in today’s health care market.

For Payers

AaNeelCare® provides payers with an all-inclusive set of products designed to help them increase business performance, incorporate business processes across the entire healthcare environment by reducing costs, improving quality and thereby to remain competitive.

For Physicians Groups

AaNeelCare® is a tightly integrated expansible solution and HIPAA compliant software that provides an all – embracing clinical solution. We provide a more sophisticated approach to tackling the most complex documentation challenges. Our patient portal allows patients to stay updated with their healthcare details.

For ACOs

AaNeelCare®’s unique features delivers population health management solutions that aids ACOs to optimize quality and reduce the overall cost of care. We provide a more collective, patient-oriented health care stressing the importance of outcomes.

For Clinics

The various modules in AaNeelCare® efficiently handles the various operations in a clinic like documenting patient’s medical records, Scheduling, etc. AaNeelCare® is user friendly, has multi-user functionality, Supports Single to Multi-practice Clinics and reduces patient waiting times at clinic.

AaNeel Health Access Card®

uniquely automatically identifies patient

AaNeel Health Access Card® is a concept where the basic information of the patient is stored in a card, this is very similar to carrying an ID card but packed with latest technology, using the technologies like NFC and QR Code we are able to transmit the information of the patient to a reader which automatically identifies the patient uniquely without searching for the patient via typing the long unique ID’s, the patient search is currently one highly frustrating part of uniquely identifying the patient involving asking all kinds of questions to the patient and typing them all out just to boil down to a limited set of results and taking the risk of selecting one of them on a gut feeling. This leads to incorrect patient selection and can lead to misinformation which is a catastrophic failure of the system, and wastage of both staff and patient time, with Health Access CardTM No questions are asked the patient just taps his card and that’s all the reception is automatically directly taken to the patent screen which she does not even have to find in the system.

The way it works is based on pre authorized or post authorization upon scanning a card if the system is preauthorized with a role like reception, upon scanning the card the receptionist is directly taken to the action screen for the patient as per reception role, if it was a doctors screen the doctor is directly taken to the patients information in detail for doctors procedures and so on for other roles.

AaNeel Health Access Card® is not only used by the hospital for uniquely identifying the patient but even the patient themselves can scan the card with their NFC enabled smart phones and access their personal information and status of appointments and other lab results and more, this card not only works as a first step to connect to our application but it also allows the user to lookup their medical records on any device they choose, sometimes NFC hardware is not available on couple of devices in that case all smart phones are equipped with a camera and they can simply scan the QR code printed on the card and get the medical information they need.

When it comes to security the AaNeel Health Access Card® is extremely secure, in case of loss or misuse of the card the card can only emit a very unique URL that was originally assigned to the patient and there is absolutely no information whatsoever embedded in the card, upon scanning the card either with NFC or QR Code the URL points to the authorization screen where the credentials define what information the end user sees, if it was the patient itself logs in to the system with their personal username and password the patient will be redirected to the patient portal for their medical records, if the credentials used were of a reception or such roles they will be able to access only limited information related to scheduling and information pertaining to the receptionist role, if it was the doctor who provides his credentials after scanning the AaNeel Health Access Card® from patient he will be taken to the proper screens pertaining to the doctor.

In-case of emergency AaNeel Health Access Card® comes very handy and can be a life saver, the AaNeel Health Access Card® has readable extremely basic information like blood group, age, primary doctor’s phone number and information anyone can access for life saving situations, when the patient is taken to an emergency situation the emergency staff can scan the card to be taken to a screen which mentions “Emergency” as soon as someone clicks on the emergency button a live chat with a direct phone number is given to the emergency staff for direct contact with the health providers and the main office can generate a unique password for that session to access assorted information of the patient for emergency procedures.

This part might sound futuristic but it’s in practice already in our hospitals, the patient carries the AaNeel Health Access Card® with themselves and can access the patient portal which they use for getting information like their reports and next schedule and also medication dosage, while they visit our hospitals upon entering the main door before even the reception they come to a scan for token booth where all they have to do is tap the card on the scanner and keep walking, if they have installed our mobile application they will immediately get a notification on their mobile from our application with their schedule information which room they have to go and more information about waiting time if there was any and also who to go and ask for if they are lost. If they don’t have the application installed they receive an SMS with the token number and as per their turn they can reach the reception and the reception can take the card and scan in receptions screen and get all the appointment information and set them up with the earliest available doctor, while they are waiting the time they entered in the hospital to the time they came to the reception and the time it took them to see a doctor all is very carefully monitored, any anomalies are automatically notified to the administrator for immediate action this ensures that the patient are taken care very well and are almost always in touch till they are in the hospital, also while they are waiting for the doctor they can look up their information on the kiosk provided which shows a lot more information that a mobile application can’t show, when they go to the doctor they already know which room to go as they are either notified to go to the room via the mobile app or an SMS.

In case of inpatient the doctor carries a portable device with scanner inbuilt, which upon visiting the patient bed he simply scans the patients AaNeel Health Access Card® to not only get all the information but it takes the doctor directly to the patient SOAP Notes and also all the lab reports and all 9 yards of goodness.

AaNeel Health Access Card® is not only used by the Patient but also used by healthcare professionals for their movement and room blocking, for example a doctor sees a room empty and wants to take a patient in for treatment all he has to do is scan his card @ the entrance of the room and if the room is available, while the doctor is in the room the information is updated to all the systems to shows in use by which doctor, the doctor can free up the room just by scanning the card from the inside of the room and allowing the management to allocate the room to someone else, this not only ensures better usage of resources but also monitors staff movement and other matrix for other resources like XRay, CTScan etc.

AaNeel Health Access Card® also comes with a slight Twist, we have created figure rings for elderly or needy patients where they can’t carry the Card all the time, all they have to do if scan their hand or to say ring @ the relevant locations, this ensures correct selection of patient without asking a single question to the patient where the patient sometimes might not be in a position to speak, we can also monitor the movement of the patient from one location to other location while in between multiple procedures just by tapping the scanner to patients ring and the system will be intelligent enough to monitor and store patient movement, the ring although being a cool technical gadget to wear has its limitations like there is no name or any QR code written on it they only device that can read the ring will be an NFC enabled device.

The goodness of One ID multiple use without reading the card manually had tremendous advantages when it comes to accessing patient information with ease and to top it up extremely secure, there are quite a lot of uses we see and we have just scratched the surface.

AaNeel Health Access Card® is the bridge that connects the patient and the doctor in a very seamless manner, it also empowers the patient to take their health in their hands and be responsible via direct access to their health information and be intelligently informed via the patient application.